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Rotary die

Milled dies

All our dies are made of the best quality tool steel, with the most modern CNC technology on the market. They can be rectified on several occasions and are the best choice for pieces with long runs, as well as for thicker and more resistant materials.

At smartPal we surround ourselves with the best collaborators in order to give the best product to our customers. Therefore, we are proud to be able to offer them rotary cutting units with all their accessories, in order to meet their cutting and punching needs, whether for a total or partial cutting, and for all types of material.

Magnetic dies

Magnetic dies are characterized by a strong force of attraction. Thanks to being manufactured with great precision and high concentricity, they have a very long service life and easy replacement, as well as excellent results in all types of materials. This makes them the ideal choice for short runs or for processes where changes in the shape of the cut are frequent.

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