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Unwinding tension control system

Precise and efficient tension control is required in many fabric unwinding processes. In this way, the tension remains constant throughout the unwinding, even if the diameter of the coil varies, and the manufacturing process gains in regularity and quality of manufacture. This is especially delicate and necessary in processes that use fabrics with a certain elasticity, whether they are “non-woven” (such as that of mask fabrics) or knitwear fabrics, among others. At smartPal we work to offer you the best solution to your needs.


  • Adjustable tension with a shaft torque of up to 12Nm.

  • Parameterizable according to the desired material and tension.

  • Adaptable to existing machines, either adapting to the existing axis or incorporating a SmartPal design.

  • Contact us for more information specific to your application.

special machines, rotary die, fabric tension controller, ultrasound, cheese cutting

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